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Miss Lucy Fur's Statement

Thank you all for your cards, flowers and messages of support. I called George Clooney and he got me out of that horrible snake pit of a hospital. He just smiled at the Wardenlike Charge Nurse and she dreamily opened the locked ward.

Dr Phil is a hack and I need to go to Switzerland to George's chateau to recover. I'm thinking of joining Britney with a law suit against the Philster. Anyone have Gloria Allred's cell phone number??

Judd HAS TO GO! He's already playing with my toys and acting cuddly with everyone. It's disgusting.

Miss Lucy Fur


zevo calamari said...

Lucy....on your way to Switzerland stop over in Massachusetts so we can go to the football game tomorrow. I think there will be lots of biting opportunities!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ah Switzerland sounds divine!

snowforest said...

We'd love to go to Switzerland too ~ can we come too?
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

Miss Lucy Fur said...


What a marvelous idea! I think a bite of Tom Brady is just what the doctor ordered! And, maybe Boo can join me a get a little nip of Belichik as well. We'll leave Junior Seau alone (for sentimental reasons...and we still love to dine at his restaurant).

I'm working out my frustrations on the furniture and my pet humans are NOT HAPPY. So what, Judd bites everything in sight and they think he's CUTE!

Checking on flights as we speak.

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur

nubi wan kenobi said...

Can we bite a few cheerleaders too?