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Moments after Mitt Romney was declared the winner of the Republican primary in Michigan last night, hordes of cats wearing Seamus the dog t-shirts, tiaras and one with a light saber descending upon the ex governor of MA. Unconfirmed sources claim to have seen Dude the Bird dog, former dog of Mike Huckabee wearing fishnets, a tiara and a boa running with the cats.

Mr Romney was rushed to an undisclosed hospital and was being treated for bites and scratches. He was released this morning. At his press conference today he claimed that the cats were unusually large and most probably illegal alien cats or terrorists. He had no comment about the cats wearing t-shirts with his dead dog's photo.

There has been no comment from the Huckabee camp on Dude the Bird Dog's adoption to Liza Minnelli or the rumors of his cross dressing.

No suspects have been named for this latest Bite & Run incident. We at Fox News are positive it is the work of those liberal, heathen cats known as the Pooses for Peace.

Stay tuned.... Next up.... latest photos of Britney Spears in Mexico with a Frida Kahlo uni-brow..................


zevo calamari said...

yeeeeeeeuckooooooooooo please pass the tequila... i have the worst taste in my mouth!

and by the way... that extra bitey on your hiney was for all the mess you made here in Massachusetts while you were governor!

nubi wan kenobi said...

blaaaaaaaaauuuuck! hairspray in my mouth... ack ack ack
quick... give me a shot of that tequila~

Cheysuli and gemini said...

HA! Good for Dude. I think that's two politicians with one bite, wasn't it?

miss lucy fur said...

I'd much rather bite a mutt than a Mitt. Speaking of mutts...this is a baaaaad day at my house. My pet humans flew in an 8 week old all black German Shepherd puppy to live with us. What are they thinking???!!!

I've got a call into my shrink and have refilled my meds. The puppy's name is Judd and he is showing me NO RESPECT.

where is Dude when I need him??

In agony,

Miss Lucy Fur

snowforest said...

Wow ~ tough kitties strike back ~ well done though we'd gladly pass the tequila - we understand the bad taste he he ;)
You is a regular visitor to our bloggie and we luv to come over to ur bloggie too - it's a lot of fun!
Love and purrs from the SnowForest family :)

Karen Jo said...

Good going, Pooses. Very clever of you to wear the t-shirts to give him a clue as to the reason for the Bite and Run. Is the tequila strong enough to get rid of that taste?