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Seance Tonight!

Join Madame Calamari and Lord Kenobi at midnight tonight for an spooktacular event. Tonight we will contact and invite to our seance the ghost of Mitt Romney's dog, Seamus.

What happened to Seamus you ask? In 1983, Romney's dog made a 12-hour trip from Boston to Ontario in a kennel lashed to the top of the family station wagon.

The Associated Press described it this way: "Seamus expressed his discomfort with a diarrhea attack. When Romney's eldest son, Tagg, and his four brothers complained about the brown runoff down the back windshield, their father quietly pulled the car over, borrowed a gas station hose and sprayed down both the dog and the kennel before returning to the road."

For the record, Romney said Thursday that his dog liked being on the roof. "He scrambled up there every time we went on trips," he said at a campaign stop in Pittsburgh, the AP reported.

We invite Seamus to tell his side of this tail tonight.

Tomorrow night we shall invite the ghost of the poor dog that Mike Huckabee's son murdered while at Boy Scout camp.

Yes, sad but true and you can read about it at


Quasi's female said...

Quasi can't wait to read about the results of the seance. Next, can you contact the puppies that Mrs. Giuliani experimented on when she was a drug company salesperson?

Tara said...

Wow, a seance? That sounds scary!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Sounds spooky!

Daisy said...

In case anybody needed any other reasons not to vote for Romney or Huckabee, there you have it!

snowforest said...

Sounds somewhat scary...

Love and purrs from the SnowForest family :)

Karen Jo said...

Both of those stories are absolutely disgusting. How can people act like that? I will certainly not be voting for either one of them. I have given you an award. Please drop by my blog to pick it up.