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Freezing in Salem

It is freezing here. I am going to San Diego and stay with Boo until this cold snap is over. There are penguins and polar bears hanging out in the casino. There is not enough beer for all of them. Nubi invited them. If i didn't need to leave he would be sooo fired.

We are having a party tomorrow at Lucy Fur's house to watch Oprah. Her guests are the people from that great movie . The law of attraction always works for pooses.

ciao for now,
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Boo said...

Zeevs, honey......I'll pick you up at the airport. My pet human will lend me her car.........

baci, baci

Miss Lucy said...

OK Girls...I have rented the Crown Room at the Hotel Del for the Oprah watching party tomorrow. I hear royalty staying there and a few Hollywood celebs are coming to town for the weekend.

Zevo, Boo and I should stay over at the Del and see which parties we want to attend. And, the jewelry store at the hotel is looking VERRRRRRRY attractive right now.


Lucy Fur