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So much to do before the Oscars. Zevo left me in charge of rounding up new gowns for all of us. Donatella is not returning my calls. I guess i will have to call the boys at Dolce & Gabbana.

Zevo had to fly back to Salem to run the biz. She will meet us back in LA on Saturday night. Nubi is back in Salem and is trying out for the poose ice skating competition for the olympics.

Lucy Fur has been busy trying to get Hilary and Obama to kiss and make up. I think Lucy Fur should run for President.

Oh gotta run.... Ellen in on the phone....
ciao ciao


Hillary said...

For the good of all Americans, I hope this years Oscars are free of any ankle biting cats. We cannot have terrorist cats in our midst. We must show the world we are united.

Miss Lucy said...

Well, girls. I've been on the phone all day with Obama, Speilberg, Bill and Hilary. I swear, it's worse that the United Nations with this crowd!

I finally got Obama and Hil to settle down for a few weeks. Barbara Walters has asked me be sure she can interview all of us on the red carpet before the awards ceremony.

I still can't find my tiara, Boo. You really need to give it back to me! NOW.

Gottta go and get my bikini waxing done before my facial.

Kiss Kiss,

Lucy Fur