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Ted Kennedy Saves Cats

Live from Boston
Press Conference with Ted Kennedy

Yesterday Ted Kennedy came to the resuce of accused communist pooses Zevo Calamari and Miss Boo, who were arrested by Homeland Security at Logan Airport. Senator Kennedy helped bail them out of jail with the help of Nacy Pelosi and claims this is a communication problem.

"These cats are not communists. No self respecting communist would wear a tiara. These cats were on a peace seeking mission to restore good relations with Cuba. Once again this is an example of the misuse of our civil liberties by this current administration."

Kennedy was later seen smoking a Cuban cigar at the Hamburger Mary's Super Bowl party in Salem, MA.

Unconfirmed sources report that Gisele the super-model attended with Tom Brady but was later seen running out of the party with bleeding ankles.

Poose-cam live from Boston brought to you by The Planet Calamari Shop

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