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Not ready to make nice...

Entertainment Tonight!

Unconfirmed sources claim that Reba McEntire and Toby Keith were both seen fleeing the Grammys last night with bleeding ankles and knees right after the Dixie Chicks won the
best country album.

"A particularly ironic triumph given the fury of the country community over their Bush comment, and the fact that they do not even consider themselves country artists any more."

"I'm ready to make nice," Maines said as the group accepted the best record trophy. Apparently a few pooses wearing cowboy boots and hats were not ready to make nice with the country stars who bashed the Chicks at the Country Music Awards in the past. In the confusion Reba claims to have lost her earrings.

Both Reba and Toby are in stable condition in a hospital that plays Dixie Chick Muzak all day and night.

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