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Poose Flu

blaaaaa ackkkkkkkk

I am back in Salem today recovering from the wild weekend. I think all that partying has given me a touch of poose flu.

There is so much to do. Pooses for Peace has decided to back Chey for President We have the concert tour starting with Al Gore. Boo lost her Jimmy Choo shoes (or were they Manolos?) at the party. Lucy Fur is still negotiating with Hillary and Obama to kiss and make up and support Chey instead.

I have to prepare for the big St Patty's party at Hamburger Mary's. It is a wild human holiday in Boston. I am sure Ted Kennedy and his friends will be there. We will be inviting all the new pooses we met at the Oscars.
Tara who can really down those shots! And of Gemini who is quite the dancer. I think we will invite Bono & U2 to perform that night.

Nubi is here with my catnip tea and herbal poose flu remedy. He can be a great nurse sometimes. He took care of my pet human last week when she had cooties. (I was much too busy)

so much to do
i will worry about it tomorrow
la de da
scarlett o'calamari

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Cheysuli said...

You look awful. I hate that post party flu. There are other cats around suffering for it too...

Boo said...

I haven't gotten out of bed since I got back. My pet human hasn't even given me an acupuncture treatment. Or poos herbs. Where's the LOVE!!

zevo calamari said...

i know i look awful and i do not think it is fair that my pet human is out giving dogs acupuncture when she should be here nursing me. ... the nerve.

why... they treat us like animals!

we could all go on strike....

i am too tired to think about it
bring me more herbs nurse nubi,

Beyonce said...

You nasty cats all deserve to be hung over. My ankles still have stitches in them and I want my earrings back NOW!


sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Hope that you feel better soon. We just found out about your blog when we were visiting Tara's blog. We'll be back later to read some past posts!

China Cat & Willow

nubi wan kenobi said...

I am NOT a nurse.
I am a JEDI Poose.
I quit!

Nubi Wan Kenobi

Tara said...

Mom plays Irish Fiddle, and will be giging all weekend! Mom played on my valentine video to Kimo (on my blog and YouTube). Yes, I looked terrible to afterward, but St. Pattys is special.