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The Oscars

Join Ellen and Celebrity Pooses Miss Lucy Fur, Miss Boo and Zevo Calamari at the tonight!

Don't miss the Barbara Walters interview the girls on the Red Carpet. It is going to be an exciting night for all.

Join guest pooses, Tao and Sarge without Joan and Melissa Rivers for the Pre-Oscar Fashion show on the Red Carpet.

Warning: Attendees have been warned not to wear fur. All violators will be bit.
The Bite Patrol tonight will be led by Nubi Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Poose Force.

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and The Acu-Punk Cafe .


Anonymous said...

Love Joan, but Melissa looks like a horse.

Cheysuli said...

It's quite nice to meet you. I quite enjoy meeting other cats and you have quite the thing going on with the Oscars. Gemini (my sister,though we look nothing alike) is all thrilled and has given you a mention. She's very star struck. What do you expect from a cat who idolizes Kukka-Maria?

Tara said...

Gemini mentioned you on her blog, so I thought I'd drop by. The Oscars are on right now where I am in California! I'll look for you! Tara