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Reports are in that left rehab last night and after arriving in Los Angeles, headed for a LA salon, demanded that a stylist cut off all her hair. When the stylist refused, Spears grabbed the clippers and did it herself.

She then wound up at the tattoo parlor, where she spent $80 to have three tattoos applied -- a black-white-and-pink cat on her lower hip and two sets of pink and blue cat paws on her wrist.

Hughes said that when someone asked the singer why her head was shaved, Spears replied: "I was advised by three cats wearing tiaras that the look would be perfect for my comeback album."

Unconfirmed sources saw 3 cats wearing tiaras running from the tatoo palor laughing. Those sources were also admitted to rehab today.

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zevo calamari said...

Paris Hilton is next on our list!