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2nd gift request...

Daisy reminded me that i will need a new helmet to go with my vespa(s). Actually i will need two helmets since i am sure i will be receiving two vespas! I would like them to be blue, to match my eyes.

Nubi is still on edge waiting for the news of Dannielynn. Boo and Lucy Fur are now staying with George at his villa....planning my party.

Oh..... Donatella is ringing..........

ciao ciao


Cheysuli said...

I'm glad to see you'll be scooting safely!

Daisy said...

Remember, safety first!

Miss Lucy said...

Don't forget, always look silly in helmet fur!

Plans are moving forward for your birthday bash here in Italy. George has flown in oodles of exotic flowers to float in the pool. Wolfgagang (he's a little tempermental these days...something about perky Rachel Ray) is testing new recipes.

I'm in charge of the hampagne and cricket appetizers. The Corgis are busy practicing their precision drill team maneuvers and I'm off to the farmer's market with darling Marcello.

Ciao, Baby,

Lucy Fur