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Another boring day with George......

Today I am taking Zevo, Lucy Fur and Boo out for a nice drive and some wine tasting before our dinner party tonight. I invited a few close friends, Julia, Matt, and the gang from Ocean's 11. (Too bad Brad is too busy with those wretched children to have fun anymore.)

Don't you love this car? It is great for the environment and so poose friendly.

Would anyone like a limoncello?
ciao ciao


Daisy said...

I like that car. It is not much bigger than my stroller!

Tara said...

I'm home alone tonight, so I'm teleporting over for a lemincello. I like the idea of being a model....

I'll be at the party Saturday.


Cheysuli said...

We saw previews for Oceans 13. I'm surprised they had time to party!

Cool car but I'm all over the Tesla sports car!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

How does he fit in that car? It looks almost as big as he is.