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It is official. I am not the father of Danielynn. So, i have decided to celebrate. I really didn't want a baby. Zevo thought we could sell her on eBay. Too much effort. It was way easier selling Bono's glasses.

Tomorrow i will leave for Italy so i can be at George Clooney's party for Zevo. Then we are off to Paris! Oh la la...... So many pooses and celebrities will be at this party. I do hope some famous Jedi Knights show up too.

May the force be with you,

nubi wan kenobi jedi poose

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Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I bet you are SO relieved! Yep, party it up, just don't put yourself in that situation again!

Cheysuli said...

And next week, we're hoping you'll be able to make my bridal shower. I think you might want to bring a little something. Gemini is just too sweet to think of anything to make the party a bit more wild...