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Party at Casino Calamari

My pet humans have been so busy lately. They are never home and all they do is work. Zevo and i have decided to start celebrating our favorite Mexican holiday today. Who is going to notice?

Come on by the Casino Calamari this week. Coronas y tacos de los pescados for all. Jose Cuervo shots!!!!!!!! Hear the Mariachis de los Gatos sing our favorite tunes. Please bring your own sombrero.

The Casino Calamari will be closed on Cinco de Mayo since our friend Cheysuli is getting married. We will have our annual cinco de mayo party at Hamburger Mary's on Seis de Mayo, which is also George Clooney's Surprise party!

nubi de don juan kenobi

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1 comment:

Daisy said...

It is never too early to get the party started, right!?!