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Back in Sun Diego

What a wonderful week! It was a close call in Montemarte.....but so much fun escaping from the prison. Nicole Kidman was such a dear to distract those French police.

I brought back a few small trinkets from the Louvre. I think this painting looks lovely in our dining room. My pet human must be so proud of me. Those dogs never give her gifts like this!

Boo is on her way back to San Diego with a lovely statue for the garden. Her pet human will be so surprised when she finally returns from India.

Zevo and Nubi are flying into Salem later today. The weather has been so nasty there.

ciao for now,
Miss Lucy Fur


Daisy said...

That is a great little souvenir you picked up at the Louvre!

Toni said...

well, i'm back, and my pet human brought back a beautiful silk sari for me! for some unknown reason, she claims that she couldn't find any earrings for me though. she said that all they had was silver. i find that hard to believe. all those beautiful indian women with their gold earrings? come ON!! but at least i have a, i'm not certain about a diamond stud for my nose.......what do you think?