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Lucy Fur Replaces Rosie on The View

ABC annouced today that Rosie O'Donnell will be replaced on "The View" by Miss Lucy Fur. Miss Fur has appeared as a guest on the show several times in the past.

San Diego native, Miss Lucy Fur is known for her wild escapades with celebrity cats Zevo Calamari and a Miss Boo and also a member of Pooses for Peace. Barbara Walters and ABC executives are hoping Lucy will bring a fresh edge to the show and attract more poose viewers.

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Daisy said...

I will be sure to tune in, now!

Caesar and Princess said...

I love this decision. We do not like Rosie. She is a meanie and she is .... crude, bleh.

now I need a drink of water


Miss Lucy said...

Well, Girls...I've been reviewing my comments on current events for "Hot Topics" and think I can hold my own with the rest of the gals.

Elisabeth and I might get into a little cat fight now and then, but I know they have a lot of great guests with terrific jewelry planned for the show, so I'm very excited. Maybe Joan Rivers will come back with some of her jewelry creations.

The Corgis want me to book them on the show but I told them NO unless they are willing to dish the royal dirt on Queenie.

Ta Ta For Now,

Lucy Fur

Cheysuli said...

I think Lucy Fur will do GREAT on that show. A wonderful asset!