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La peinture le Mona Lisa est volée

Associated Press
Paris, France

A bizarre series of events has transpired over the weekend at the Louvre. Early Saturday morning two corgies belonging to Queen Elizabeth were found gagged and tied up in the Louvre Basement. Later officials noticed that the Mona Lisa was replaced by a paint by number version. No suspects have been announced. Authorities are baffled how anyone could pull off such a daring stunt.

Queen Elizabeth had no comment on the corgies and is said to be fuming over the rumors about her grandson and his white trash ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile in Montemarte, home of the Moulin Rouge, there has been an unusual influx of cats wearing tiaras and top hats. Officials have no comments on this phenomenon.

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Miss Lucy said...

Well, what should we do with all these oject d'art? I say we try to unload them on eBay and soon!

Those stupid Corgis had to be gagged or they would have barked their silly heads off and given it all away. Don't you think Harry and Wills are just divine for helping us? No one ever asked them for ID!

Gotta go, Boo keeps asking for more aspirin and "hair of the dog".

Au revoir,

Lucette Fur

Tara said...

I had such a hang over from the party (I'm such a little kitty, I can't handle much), I forgot to comment on what a great time I had. Tres bien!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

HMMMM...! Strange indeed! Hee Hee!

Cheysuli said...

that was a lovely gift you sent over for me. I'm so pleased!