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célébration à louvre

George is such a sweetheart. He drove all of us to Paris this morning. We will all be staying at the Ritz for the weekend. Tonight our dear friends, Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks will be hosting a small birthday soiree at the Louvre. Oh la la...

This would be a great time to pick up a nice shower gift for our friend Cheysuli. (I could also use some new art in my office..... maybe more da Vinci? Michelangelo? Botticelli?)

So many pooses are arriving in Paris. We have booked the entire Ritz for all our poose and celebrity friends. Boo and Lucy Fur have really done a wonderful job planning this birthday.

Even Nubi showed up. He is relieved he is not Danielynn's father. (I think he has a crush on Boo...but she is still smitten with George.)

Tomorrow we plan to shop with Donatella and Madonna... then the party at the Tour d'Eiffel.

au revoir
zevo le joli chat

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Derby said...

I am so excited about this party. Can't wait and will teleport over to the Ritz early.

Miss Lucy said...

OK Girls...we have a slight problem.

The Corgis have invited Prince William and Prince Harry to our bash and Her Majesty's Secret Service has been warned to be on the lookout for cat burglars... The nerve of those guys!

I have Metro maps for all of us and Zevo asked me to get the blueprints for the Louvre to know where all the exits and vents are.

By the way, Boo. this would be a great time to give me back my tiara!

Tres, tres, magnifique!

Madamoiselle. Lucy Fur

Tara said...

I plan on stopping in for a bit this weekend, lots of partys going on, so can't stay too long..

Ta ta


Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I can't wait to party at the Louvre! Teleported to New York to find just the right tux. I found a great one at Armani! Then it was off to Tiffany for a birthday gift! Be there shortly!