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So many invites... so little time

There has been a change of plans. I did not realize that we were invited to the wedding of Presidental candidate Cheysuli which is the same day as our Cinco de Mayo fiesta at Hamburger Mary's. I have decided to postpone the fiesta until Seis de Mayo. Pooses for Peace supports Cheysuli and it is only proper we attend. (I do hope there are margaritas at the reception)

So now the dilema of what to wear. I cannot out-do the bride. Perhaps traditional Mexican attire would be best. I will call Salma and see if i can borrow her Frida costume.

I was also invited to go to Spain this summer with Emily. I guess she forgave us for that unfortunate Aruba incident last summer. (Humans have such short memories.)

I must go "shopping" for a nice wedding gift now.
ciao ciao


Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Thank goodness! I was in such a dilema! I wanted to go to your party but I also didn't want to miss the wedding of our next President. I think you're doing the right thing! I'm sure they'll have a wide variety of drinks, at least I hope so! I want to go to Spain!

Daisy said...

Very nice of you to postpone your party. Now we can attend both events! Woohoo! Parties!

Caesar and Princess said...

You look lovely in the tiara and necklace.

Cheysuli said...

I think that perhaps you can have your fiesta post wedding. We do have the entire park you know!