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Bollywood Boo

My pet human is finally back from India. She bought me a beautiful sari while she was there...... i look really cool in it. I may get my nose pierced for the full effect. Maybe Nicole will lend me those earrings she wore in Moulin Rouge.

I brought back this small token of appreciation from France. I think it looks great in the garden.

Time for some curry tuna.

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Cheysuli said...

You have stunning taste you know.

Toni said...

WHY is my pet human so FREAKED OUT about having this lovely sculpture in the front garden? would someone please explain this to me? she keeps fretting about the police! what police? the only thing i care about is the fact that lucy fur wanted to "borrow" it this morning and put it in her garden. we got into a tussle over it. i won. it's still here.