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Montemarte, France

French police were called in to subdue a large crowd of drunken cats claiming to be friends of Nicole Kidman, wearing tiaras and top hats last night at the Moulin Rouge. Authorities said the cats continued to sing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" over and over until patrons of the Moulin Rouge handed over their jewelry.

Many cats were arrested, but all escaped in the middle of the night. No one is sure how they pulled off such a stunt. None of the jewelry has been recovered.

In other Paris news, the Louvre has now reported that da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper has also been replaced with a paint by number version and the statue of Venus de Milo was replaced with a papier mache version. Authorities have no explaination for the missing pieces or how they were replaced without cameras recording the event.

The royal corgies who were found in the Louvre are now suspects. Queen Elizabeth has demanded that they be returned at once to England.

Poose-cam live from France is brought to you by la boutique de calamari de planète


Daisy said...

Oh... were we supposed to return the tiaras? Oops.

Caesar and Princess said...

Happy Birthday belatedly.
I will add you to our list.
14 is a wonnnnnderful age, remember it well :-D

Pssst: Yes, we kept ours too. They are upstairs under the bed!


Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Suspects indeed! Yeah, Happy Belated. I said thought I said it the other night but it turn out that I didn't. I must have had to much to drink because I don't even remember teleporting home!