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Barney Bush Caught with Stolen Crown

Associated Press
News Alert.
Barney Bush, dog of George W Bush has been caught wearing the Queen's stolen crown. Trying to crash Madonna's party uninvited, Barney was said to be drunk and staggering.

Unconfirmed sources say that the Bush twins were miffed they were not invited to Boo's Birthday Bash at Madonna's and tried to frame Zevo and Boo for the stolen crown. Valerie Plame, ex CIA agent said that Karl Rove helped in the staging of the theft and then claimed they were AL Queda Pooses.

No word on how the authorities will deal with Barney and the Bush twins. All are being flown back to Texas on AirForce One.

The terror alert is now down to purple and rumor has it that Madonna and guests are having a lovely Birthday supper.

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1 comment:

princess guacamole said...

do you remember that old 60's tv ad for margarine, that featured a crown on her head?
think about it...margarine...bears a striking resemblance to margaret (as in thatcher)
crown...well, duh! in head of state
ok, i mean it it so difficult to see? alien margarine people have been planning this for decades. they have finally succeeded. however, apprehension will be difficult, since they are covered in..what else..margarine!!!
note: this closely related to an adjuct story, re the campaign to sell americans on margarine instead of butter. americans are dying by the thousands as a result of this covert op. and the 70's movie, grease. how clear can it get???