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Peaceful Back to School Clothing

Before i leave for Europe i would like to do a mini commercial for Peace. My sister, Baby Pig Calamari started the Pigs for Peace movement a few years ago. ( May the Poose Goddess bless her poosie soul.) As the current director for Pigs for Peace and Pooses for Peace, i implore the humans on this planet to knock it off and start treating everyone and thing with respect and love. There is no need to blow things up. Just be nice. Now how hard is that? Really?

Please support world peace and my collection of Jimmy Choo shoes by buying some of these cool new Pro-peace tees and gifts from Planet Calamari. Most of these will be in the gift bags given to the guests at Boo's Birthday Bash. I think George Clooney will look so buff in the men's sleeveless tee and Madonna wants the skinny baby doll top....

peace and love


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