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The Revenge of Lucy begins.....

Dear Zevo and Boo,

I am so incensed at the endless drivel you've been posting on your web site about the stooopid birthday trip to Europe without me. Just know that I cannot stand idly by while you humiliate me and taunt me and withhold me tiara from me. Beware, I am watching you!

Miss Lucy

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Miss Lucy said...

While you two air heads were lollyggging around Monaco looking for Kevin Federline, I was invited over to Tom and Katie's for brunch and to see the baby. And...I have Suri pictures! And. that tiara needs to be in my jewelry box by this afternoon or there WILL be trouble. I need it to wear to the Emmys.


zevo calamari said...

What are you going to do.....send the Scientologists after us? And Suri is an alien.... send the pics to the National Enquirer...

by the way.... WHAT TIARA?

zevo and boo