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Wine Tasting with George Clooney

Today we are going wine tasting with George and some of his friends, Julia, Matt, Leonardo... Later he is having a party for us. Such a sweet man. Tho....he is obsessed with his pet pig.... I am not sure any of us can compete with THAT..

Tomorrow we are going up to Milan to visit Donnatella and try on a few more dresses. I have to do the Vogue photo shoot for the Fall edition. I promised Donatella i would... and after all i get to keep all the dresses i wear. I talked her into letting Boo pose too. (She could use a few more outfits and then she won't "borow" mine)

Lucy has gone back to San Diego. She is still fighting with Boo over some silly tiara. And Boo was quite upset with her nasty comments on Letterman about us. Paris has gone back to the Moulin Rouge to meet some friends.

Oh....... my breakfast is being served...
ciao ciao

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1 comment:

Boo said...

zeevs.........donatella had asked me to do this last spring! what do you mean you "talked her into" letting me pose? I was the one who suggested she let YOU pose, in spite of your more recent change in shape. she assured me that her photographers would be able to assist in that matter......

please, honey.......let's not fight over this one again. it's been too much fun. and besides, george's pig wants a date with you, not me....

ciao for now