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How to Make a Snow Cat

Zevo fired me for booking Charo at the Casino. It is not my fault the only words she can say are Cuchi Chuchi....

At least she let me keep my job as a bouncer.

So now i am bored and surfing the net. Look at the cool link i found on how to make a snow cat.


Charo said...

My cuchi cuchi Nubi,

You are such an adorable cuchi cat. Please come work for me. Zevo is so jealous of my act.I have a nice house in Tijuana with plenty of mice for you to chase.

cuchi cuchi


zevo calamari said...


don't you even THINK about moving to tijuana! there are plenty of mice here for you.

you can have your job back if you help me move that statue into the casino.

and i am soooo not jealous of charo.