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Hugo & Fidel....Viva Los Pooses!


Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are said to be in a top secret meeting with
Los Pooses de la

The Pooses de la Revolucion are demanding free education, cigars and health-care for all pooses. Also discussed will be memorial for Che Guevara's cat to be built in the main square of Havana.

Rumor of a new night club,
Hamburguesa Maria is being built in Havana. Unconfirmed sources said it will be run by celebrity Latino pooses.

The White House has no comment about the secret talks and issued a statement it will not negotiate with communist cats.

Poose-cam live from Cuba is brought to you by
la tienda del calamari del planeta


Miss Lucy said...

JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW...I am NOT going down for the opening gala for this restaurante. The last time i was with Fidel and his boys, they threatened to make street tacos out of me if I got out of line. Doesn't sound like a fiesta to me!

Gotta go...Rosie and the girls are going shopping for Super Bowl treats.

Miss Lucy Fur

Anonymous said...

Well, I am definitely going! I LOVE the mojitos, and I love the dancing - the Buena Vista Social Club - and those clothes!!! I have an off the shoulder blouse picked out, and my lace-up espadrilles with the heels, and the hoop earring...........

And oh, those CUTE latin boys!!!
Hasta luego, Ms. Lucy Fur!! You stick around and eat your guacamole, and I'll go down for some Cuban goodies...........

Seniorita Boo