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La Befana visits George Clooney

Lake Como, Italy
Unconfirmed sources claim that celebrity pooses Miss Boo, Zevo Calamari and Lucy Fur are staying with George Clooney at his Villa Oleandra. The pooses will be staying there until lawyers can clear Miss Boo of charges of stealing a palm pilot and diamond earrings belonging to the mayor of Salem. Miss Boo has denied the charges and claims to be wrongly accused.

There has been no comment from Mr Clooney today since it is a holiday in Italy known as Epiphany. On the eve of this holiday it is customary to leave shoes or socks out near a fireplace or in the kitchen so that La Befana can fill them with treats and trinkets. Staff at the Villa report seeing 3 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes by the fireplace last night.

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Poose-cam live from Lake Como brought to you by il boutique di calamari del pianeta


zevo calamari said...

I am so happy that Tao and Sarge also shoed up. George wanted a case of Natty Boh and a bushel of steamed crabs for the weekend.

zevo calamari said...

ok so i was drunk when i posted that... SHOWED up
we were already shoed up thanks to Jimmy Choo!