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you are invited....

So much to do... so little time. I wanted to have my pet human's party at Mo's...but now that i have invited Al Gore i think it is best we keep it a private event at Jeff's...don't want those wingnuts snapping pics at Mo's and then flashing them on FOX NEWS! I can only image the stupid rumors.

George is my date... and i was going to invite Brad.. but he won't attend without Angelina and those wretched kids... and who needs Angelina there with all those goegeous men? Best to cut out all competition.

Zevo has to stay in Salem since she is hosting the birthday party for Keith O.... Lucy Fur will be here of course to help. She talked Wolfgang into catering the event.

I need to find something extra snazzy to wear................ must call Donatella asap........
ciao ciao

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