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The War on Barney Bush

Today on the O'Reilly Factor
Liberal pooses accused Barney Bush of stealing the diamond earrings and palm pilot belonging to the mayor of Salem.
George Clooney and his merry band of celebrity pooses have now claimed to have proof that Barney Bush is the culprit of these deeds. Once again, this is just Hollywood liberals trying to put the blame on innocent conservative pooses so close to our dear fearless Decider.

First they start a war on Christmas, now these heathens dare to start a war on patriotic Barney Bush. I hear these wild liberals are in Italy, drinking and dancing when they should be here, in the USA shopping at Wal-mart, working at a fast food chain and attending church.

I am Bill O'Reilly... bringing you fair and balanced news and what I say is always right.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Billy, puh-leeeeez! You need to get laid more often. I know of a solution to that little problem. Perhaps you should visit Salem, and take in a few sights and LIGHTEN UP!