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An Inconvenient Ankle

What a lovely party last night. Bonnie Raitt and her band were spectacular. That Al Gore can really dance. It would be so nice to have a president that could dance (and read!).

Johnny Depp brought his wife. She should have worn boots. Her ankle accidently got in my mouth. that is my fault? She left in a French hissy fit. Socre blu'

The View girls are a blast to party with. Lucy Fur is going to be great on that show as a regular. Barbara Walters dances like Elaine on Seinfeld. That was sad to watch.

My pet human looked stunning in those Medici earrings. I will have to borrow them soon.

George and i had a lovely time but we decided it would be best if we were just friends being that we are both celebrities. It would be too hard to have a relationship with both our busy schedules. He gave me a wonderful pearl necklace.

I have not heard from Zevo yet about her party. Nubi called and said she is very hung over. I guess Keith Olbermann's girlfriend should have worn boots too.. same sort of accident with the ankles happened. What is with these women? Can't they keep their ankles away from an open mouth?

Someone please bring me a bloody mary and some asprin,
ciao ciao
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just want to say to everyone that Boo threw the BEST party ever! I knew she was up to something, but she was soooo secretive about it. Then the next thing I know, she's escorting me down to Jeff's house, and voila! All the guests were there to shout "Happy Birthday!" What a great surprise! I thought it was just going to be Jeff and a few friends. I didn't realize she had invited half the civilized world!

Thanks Boo!!!! And that pearl necklace looks BEAUTIFUL on you! I hope you'll let me borrow it from time to time....

kiss, kiss.....
pet human