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robin williams

Oh...i am so tired. I went to see Robin Williams last night in Boston with Emily and her friends. (Emily was in Aruba with Boo and i back in the summer.... she forgot about all the confusion concerning missing jewelry there! Humans have such short memories. My pet human loses her keys everyday in the house......)

Of course after the show we went backstage and then partied the rest of the night. Of course Robin only drinks sparkling water these days. I drank his share of champagne.... and invited him to Keith Olbermann's party this weekend. He already has plans..... too bad. He is so much fun to hang with.

Today i must go have my hair and nails done. I think i will get a massage too. I have to look stunning for Keith's party tomorrow night. If he brings that little girlfriend she better wear boots or ankle guards.

Someone please bring me some asprin and ginger ale....
ciao ciao

ps happy bubble wrap appreciation day!

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